Research on Digital Magazines

May 12, 2006 - Design Research / Interactive Media

After working for a year at Neo2 magazine, I became interested on media convergence, which practically means the process in which old media migrate’s to new media. The subject of this research is particularly focus on magazines convergence, including the transition process, standards and best known practices.

Media Context

• Media Diversification (Françoise Sabbah)
• Information overload & anxiety (Toffler & Wurman)
• Media Convergence (Nicholas Negroponte)


Real Industry Practices: Characteristics review of 100 Digital Magazines
Best Practices: Heuristic Evaluation & Usability Test of 5 Digital Magazines.


Heuristic Evaluation: Based on Nielsen’s 10 rules..
Usability Testing: Task oriented.


Based on the research the outstanding outcome supports the next statements:
• Old media brand recognition ads credibility to specific web content.
• Web presence doesn’t equal audience engagement.
• Best practices are proportionally equivalent of good understanding and
adaptation to the new media format.
• Popular metaphors (flipping pages), don’t enhace the user experience and
present several usability issues.
• Users tend to be reluctant regarding quality content and in many cases
assume is not free.
• There is a scarcity on multimedia production to enhance the content quality.


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