Teaching Service Design and Visual Thinking at h2i Institute

January 25, 2012 - Service Design

Before anything I must say that I discovered my current job at Designit thanks to this initiative, I read about h2i Institute on the web and I immediately though that it was the kind of place I could be involved with as they projected an image very similar to what I did on my Interactive Media MA at the UK. That was on late 2009. I would never think that I will end up teaching in this fantastic project. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to plan and collaborate teaching two classes for h2i. My first year I did Visual Thinking with Eduardo Moratinos and Service Design with Mademoiselle Charlotte Schoeffler, the last session I could only take part on the Service Design course and enjoyed massively as we always prepare real life projects for them to get involved, this last time being particularly rich as Charlotte incorporated her new theatre improvisation skills to the course which helped a lot the students on their prototyping phase and to build up their blueprints. Reasons why I like h2i:

  1. The students: always a mix of interesting and enthusiastic people with diverse talents and backgrounds.
  2. It’s free for the students: all of them are sponsored by Designit clients who are the ones who provide some of the projects or cases on which the students work.
  3. It’s very agile and intense: The course last 3 months in which they see a broad variety of subjects that range from Creativity, Research, Design, Business, etc.
  4. I am sure I will continue adding reasons to this list, so please check up on the updates.

If you are looking for new ways of working and finding new opportunities and people just as enthusiast, definitively I recommend to enroll in h2i.