Co-creation workshop with Liz Sanders – March 2012

March 14, 2012 - Design Research

I was really lucky to have a small break between projects in order to be able to attend to a two day co-creation workshop given by Liz Sanders who is one of the most important academics and professionals on this field.

It was really nice to remember that I’ve meet Liz about 8 years ago at one of the conferences organized by my Uni.


This time instead of a conference it was an actual workshop where we learned how to prepare a co-creation session and actually experienced in its full, both as researchers and as participants. I must point out that the level of discussion was really high as there where designers, h2i students and professional researchers who attended and enriched the content with their experience.

One big takeaway of mine, besides the co-creation technique by itself is to be able to ask someone with so many years of experience in the Design Research field What is the role of the designer within the research? to what Liz responded “As a participant”. I felt such a relief to hear that coming from Liz, we had such discussions all the time at Designit Madrid, being a place with a very strong research background.


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