Designit: Research, Service and Interaction Designer

April 1, 2012 - Design Research / Interactive Media / Service Design

I started working at what is now Designit in January 2010, back then it was a small spanish consultancy called dnx, I found them through their advertising of h2i institute which made me think that was really similar to my course, later on while in a project with my friend Marc he said that he could see me working there as they had a very good mentorship spirit and research foundation.

When I joined my master program I found out they had an Internship program with them so I just went to see them, it didn’t took long to start working with them.

Scanlib Blueprint

Two years and some months later dnx partnered with a scandinavian Design consultancy and moved offices. Meanwhile I have been working in many research projects, lead multiple platform projects, from websites to tv interfaces, iPad apps, mobile apps, domotics with big corporates as well as startups. I even ended up co-teaching a couple of courses at the h2i Institute, started Service Design Drinks Madrid with colleagues from work. I’ve been practicing and learning many many exciting things such as:


Project Ownership: working on defining, designing and facilitating product development within frameworks such as SCRUM.

Design Research: working on planning, executing and reporting ethnographic research, user tests and co-creation workshops within a team of senior qualitative researchers.

User Interface: designing the visual interfaces for social networks as well as developing rapid style guides as implementation aids for development follow-up.

Information & Interaction Design: designing products and functionalities that are based on user-research, but always keeping in mind the client business objectives and technical capabilities.

Co-creation: Preparing workshop material, securing key participant assistance, taking care of pre-workshop meetings to dissipate uncertainty and aiding in workshop facilitation using the Basadur’s method.

Service design: Introducing the use of the blueprint as a visual research deliverable, providing service design workshops to h2i students and generally promoting service design within Madrid’s design community at large.