Service Design Reading/Insipiration Material

September 10, 2013 - Service Design

I’m often asked about Service Design reading material: sometimes for just “an introduction”,  other times they call it “resources”, or even “swimming pool reading list”, ay ay ay!

It is hard for me to point to a single reference and I hate to overload people with information, instead of inspiring them to learn more. I will simply share what I consider the most valuable resources, ranging from case studies, papers, to books or conference videos, just where I can find a constant stream of interesting information on the subject. So please, don’t get anxious! Just pick one and enjoy! Not sure where to begin? Load a video, and listen to it while cooking or having breakfast. they are sort of starting-day-inspiration-material:

    1. SDN conference videos: SDN has always been an excellent reference. However, even though their well known journal is on every service designer’s desk, I must admit that the articles fail to engage me. On the other hand, I happily recommend their conference video library. They showcase key players from the service design world, how they think, what they do, how they do it and how they share it. My favorite   are the keynotes where industry stars such as edenspiekermann share their case-studies or Birgit Mager give their take on Service Design.

    1. Lucy Kimbell’s papers: More than anyone else, Lucy has earned her place as a name of reference for me and my colleagues. This is due to the clarity of her thoughts about Service Design. I particularly recommend to check out her presentation Social Methods Menu.
    2. Mayo Clinic’s Case Study I am a great admirer of the Mayo Clinic, mainly because of the way by which Lorna Ross’s communicates their story from a design standpoint, I strongly recommend that all in-house designers dig through this case-study to learn how to implement a Service Design culture within a large institution. I am dying to see Lorna talking at SDN14!

Mayo Clinic: Why Design in Health Care? from Norsk Designråd on Vimeo.

Extra inspiration from non Service but yet Design, Debbie Millman’s radio show “Design Matters”, if you are not following her on soundcloud is about the time you start doing it! I will try to update this list once in a while, so keep an eye on it.